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Table of Derived Units

Derived Unit Measures Derivation Formal Definition
Hertz (Hz) Frequency $/s$ $s^{-1}$
Newton (N) Force $kg\cdot(m/s^2)$ $kg\cdot m\cdot s^{-2}$
Pascal (Pa) Pressure $N/m^2$ $kg\cdot m^{-1}\cdot s^{-2}$
Joule (J) Energy or work $N\cdot m$ $kg\cdot m^2\cdot s^{-2}$
Watt (W) Power $J/s$ $kg\cdot m^2\cdot s^{-3}$
Coulomb (C) Electric charge $A\cdot s$ $A\cdot s$
Volt (V) Electric potential $W/A$ $kg\cdot m^2\cdot s^{-3}\cdot A^{-1}$
Farad (F) Electric capacitance $C/V$ $kg^{-1}\cdot m^{-2}\cdot s^4\cdot A^2$
Ohm (Ω) Electric resistance $V/A$ $kg\cdot m^2\cdot s^{-3}\cdot A^{-2}$
Siemens (S) Electric conductance $A/V$ $kg^{-1}\cdot m^{-2}\cdot s^3\cdot A^2$
Weber (Wb) Magnetic flux $V\cdot s$ $kg\cdot m^2\cdot s^{-2}\cdot A^{-1}$
Tesla (T) Magnetic flux density $Wb/m^2$ $kg\cdot s^{-2}\cdot A^{-1}$
Henry (H) Inductance $Wb/A$ $kg\cdot m^2\cdot s^{-2}\cdot A^{-2}$
Degree Celsius (°C) Temperature $K-273.15$ $K$
Radian (rad) Plane angle $m\cdot m^{-1}$
Steradian (sr) Solid angle $m^2\cdot m^{-2}$
Lumen (lm) Luminous flux $cd\cdot sr$ $cd\cdot sr$
Lux (lx) Illuminance $lm/m^2$ $cd\cdot sr\cdot m^{-2}$
Becquerel (Bq) Activity $/s$ $s^{-1}$
Gray (Gy) Absorbed dose $J/kg$ $m^2\cdot s^{-2}$
Sievert (Sv) Dose equivalent $Gy\cdot\text{(multiplier)}$ $m^2\cdot s^{-2}$
Katal (kat) Catalytic activity $mol/s$ $mol\cdot s^{-1}$